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Charitable Donation Request

Charitable donations are an integral part of the OGA Golf Course community outreach initiatives. Because we receive many donation requests, we carefully allocate our budgeted resources as wisely as possible to ensure a wide range of support to impact the greatest number of people. 

We are pleased to provide In-Kind contributions to a wide variety of charities, non-profit agencies, community organizations and volunteer-based benefits for those who have encountered unexpected illness, injury or financial hardship (e.g. loss of home due to fire, flood damage, etc.). In-Kind contributions most often are donations of rounds of golf (date/time restricted). The following guidelines help us focus our contributions: 

We do not accept telephone requests. Requests (via U.S. Mail or email) must be submitted by completing the Donation Request Form that includes the following: 

• Official flyer for event or fundraiser
• Cover Letter (on your letterhead)
• Organization’s name, address  
• Contact name, email address and telephone number (in case we have questions)  
• Type of event or fundraiser (purpose) You must describe the purpose of the donation.
• Date of event  
• Event location  
• Please identify other methods of fundraising efforts 

The donations committee reviews all requests for donations every two (2) weeks. Requests will be reviewed in the order received. All requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the date of your event or fundraiser. Late requests may be considered based on information received. You will receive notification if your donation request is approved or denied. 

If you are approved for a donation, OGA Golf Course must be publicly acknowledged as a donor. Please note that a donation in previous years does not guarantee support in subsequent years. 

Donation requests are limited to one request per year per organization and one request per event. Please no duplicate requests and one designated requestor per organization. Expiration dates on gift certificates issued by OGA Golf Course will be enforced – no exceptions.