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The Up and Down - October 2023

General Manager's Update

Summer has certainly come and gone in a hurry this year! It's hard to believe it is already October. These last couple months can still be great for golfing... cool mornings and shorter days mean you have to take advantage of the time we have remaining! 

For those of you who have joined us for a round of golf this summer, thank you! I'm sure you undoubtedly recognized the changes that are happening around the course. Despite the disruptions, I hope you're excited for what is coming! Beginning in October, we will begin construction on an entirely new irrigation system for the golf course! 2024 will mark the 30th Anniversary for the OGA Golf Course, which means our original irrigation system was in need of replacement. This project is extensive and may cause some disruption at times on the course. 

While working to complete construction of the new system, there may be times where one or two holes may need to be closed at a time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. However, the sooner we can get this project finished up the sooner we will be back to normal with great playing conditions in 2024. The new system will be much more reliable and hopefully will improve playing conditions for all players. 

Keeping an eye towards 2024, we have a lot to be excited about! The Oregon Golf Association will be celebrating its 100 Year Centennial Achievement in tandem with the OGA Golf Course celebrating its 30th Anniversary. We will be sharing some more exciting news surrounding these achievements, so stay tuned! We will keep focusing on improving the golf course and improving the golfer experience wherever possible! We will continue to work on playability of the bunkers, adding new drainage, and evaluating maintenance procedures through the winter months to be ready for Spring 2024! We thank you for your patronage and look forward to many good years ahead. 

Ryan Garry
General Manager
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 Director of Player & Business Development Update

Summer has officially come to a close. But we still have plenty of nice weather to get out and play golf this fall. Fall golf has become one of my favorite times of the year to play. The Courses are always in perfect shape and with the changing of the leaves, it gives for one of the most picturesque walks Oregon golf has to offer. 

Now is the perfect time to make that swing change, decent weather, plenty of daylight, and less crowded courses. No more misguided YouTube winters, come find out how we can improve YOUR swing and give you some drills and knowledge to work out over the winter. Sign up for our single, three, or five lesson packages today!  

Book a Lesson with Tyler

This fall we have 16 athletes participating in our fall Junior League program. This fall our goal is to get out and play as much golf as we can. These golfers are having a blast and getting better each week! If you have kids between the ages of 8 and 17 that are interested in golf, our spring PGA Jr League will be open for registration in February 2024. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Monthly Tip 

It is officially aeration season for the greens. It is a necessary evil to keep the greens in great condition all year long. It makes putting a challenge but here is a tip to help you overcome some of the imperfections. 

Make sure you are putting your ball end-over-end. When we are able to get the ball rolling end-over-end it promotes a more consistent and accurate putt. These putts are less affected by external forces such as slopes and imperfections on the greens helping us get a truer and more predictable putt even on the bumpy greens. 

How can you practice this? Come to the pro shop, grab a sleeve of Srixon Divide golf balls. Go to the practice green. Set yourself up between 3 and 6 feet from the hole and work on getting these balls to roll end-over-end. These balls give you great visual feedback if you make a pure strike on the golf ball. Get this down and start to make more putts all year round!

Tyler Dube
Director of Player & Business Development
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Golf Shop Manager's Update

Its Spooky Season!
Fall is in full force which means the weather will be a little unpredictable but hopefully we will get some sunny days mixed in there.
Monday was one of our legends last day. Brooke is off finishing her last year of college and won't be working here anymore due to the busy school load. We wish her the best on her adventure at becoming a dental hygienist and since I'm so lucky to be her sister I will keep you all updated on her accomplishments!
The rain gear will be making its debut here soon in the next couple of weeks so check your closets and see if you'll need to stop in and refresh your gear. Only 3 months left to spend that club credit so lets get it spent!  This should be my last full month in the shop until baby boys' arrival. I anticipate being in most of November since I'm not due until the 20th but babies aren't as predictable as I would like! I will be working from home after he is here so, you can email me anytime with your orders, questions or just to say hi!
November and December will have some fun things for you guys for the holidays so keep your eyes out!
Kayla Spaght
Golf Shop Manager
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Superintendent's Update

We made it through greens, tees, approach, and most of the fairway aerification at the end of last month. Greens are completely done, and we must sand the rest of the course in the upcoming weeks. Please be patient while this goes on as they will be messy. We will be cleaning them up as soon as we can. Healing on the greens will only go as fast as the weather allows. Let’s hope for our soil temps to stay warm enough for this to happen, and some sun. We did not pull a core so this should speed up the process even more. The crew has been working very hard to get all this done.

We are still waiting for our new rough mowers to arrive and will begin mowing more often when they arrive. Leaf season is coming up so we will be spending a lot of time keeping up with them this month. Bunker drains will also be installed this month to help keep water to a minimum in them.

As you may have noticed, it has been very busy by #1 tee. This is the headquarters for the crew from Heritage Links. We have been approved for an irrigation renovation. They will begin their work this month. They hope to move as quickly as possible so we can be fully open by next spring. Please be kind, courteous, and cautious with them as we will try to limit disruption to you, the golfers. A lot of my time, and some of the crew, will assist them when needed.

Happy Halloween!

Dan Imes
Golf Course Superintendent


Food & Beverage Manager's Update

Coming up this month, Orchards Grill will be open 11am – 6pm for the rest of October.

Here is the current Orchards Grill menu on the website: https://www.ogagolfcourse.com/orchards-grill/about-orchards-grill

The beverage cart will be out when we have some nice fall days, and grab and go food and beverages are always available in the dining room for golfers on the turn!

Patio seating is open and available throughout October. Hopefully we will have some nice fall days to enjoy on the patio coming up!

Currently on draft we have:

· Coors Light

· Deschutes Fresh Squeeze IPA

· Rogue Batsquatch Hazy IPA

· Georgetown Bodizhafa IPA

· Migration Pale Ale

· Blue Moon

Football season is in full swing so stop by and watch the game on one of our three TVs around the dining room and bar!

I hope to see you all soon and have a great day!

Alex Jeli
Food and Beverage Manager
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